Bachelors in Information Technology

I attended Federation University, Australia from Nov 2013 to Nov 2016 to complete Bachelors in IT with an overall distinction of 6.0/7.0 GPA. My program was mainly focussed on Software Engineering and Web Development.

Professional Year Course in ICT

This course is designed by the Australian Computer Society which aims to develop Australian workplace readiness in graduates. I completed this course from Monash College, Melbourne in 2016.

Core subjects

Programming 1 - Python
Programming 2 - Java
Software Engineering - C#
Database Management Systems

Core subjects

Webpage and Multimedia Design
World wide web | HTML and CSS
World wide web | PHP and MySQL
Network protocols and services

Online Certificates

Following are some of the online certificates which I did from Lynda online learning:
  • C# Design Patterns
  • C# Delegates, Events and Lambdas
  • Up and Running with C#
  • C# with .NET Programming
  • C# Test Driven Development
  • HTML Essential Training
  • Java Essential Training
  • Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals in C#

University Project

 The Irish Times Mobile App Project:
  • Accomplishment: Developed an Android Mobile App.
  • IDEs: Eclipse, Android Studio and Dreamweaver.
  • Programming Languages: Java, XML, HTML, CSS and PHP.
  • Roles: Assistant Programmer and Document Writer.
  • Grades: Documenting and Design – HD | Developing and Testing – HD.